Curriculum is planned to enable each child to:

  • Grow in trust, independence, and initiative

  • Feel good about himself

  • Experience God’s love for him through loving relationships with other children and adults

  • Enjoy happy times at church and school

  • Explore the world around him

  • Develop small muscles through art, puzzles, blocks, and home living activities

  • Exercise large muscles through movement activities indoors and outdoors

  • Enjoy creative expression through music, art, and other play activities

  • Think and make choices for individual and small group activities


In our infant area we focus on giving each child special attention daily. Teachers take care of the children’s physical needs in a loving, caring way. In addition, a range of activities are provided which are designed to meet the needs of infants at their level of development along the growth continuum. Knowing that the learning process begins very early through sensory experiences, special times are planned involving all of our senses. Each month we have different activities centered around such topics as animals, families, the natural world, and foods. The WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for Infants and Toddlers is the basis for our planning. We use Bible thoughts, songs, and stories about Jesus and the Bible in daily interactions with each child.


In our toddler area our teachers plan experiences to involve the children in active play and learning. While caring for the toddlers’ physical needs, the teachers are interacting with the children and guiding them in their play. Our basis for planning is the WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for Infants and Toddlers. The guide is developed around themes which provide opportunities for the children to learn about the world around them. Some of our themes involve family friends, animals, self, and good foods. We also share many Bible thoughts and stories about Jesus and the Bible. Through songs, stories, art, and other play-oriented centers, our toddlers have many stimulating and fun experiences.


Our two-year-old program is designed to encourage the children to interact with the teacher, other children, and the materials provided. A large part of the focus in the room is providing activities for play centers, such as art, blocks, books, dramatic play, and manipulatives. Young children learn through their play, so our teachers plan with this fact in mind. We offer activities weekly about topics that are relevant to the children’s lives (as animals, family, friends, the natural world, foods, and holidays). Books, songs, fingerplays, and other resources are used to extend learning for the children. We also use Bible thoughts and Bible stories daily. Our planning is based on the WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for Two-Year-Olds.


Our three-year-olds are quickly developing in all areas—mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We address all areas to help each child grow as a whole child. Learning centers are an important part of the daily experience. Our teachers plan special, hands-on activities for art, blocks, dramatic play, books, music, nature, and manipulatives. During group times the children are exposed to books, songs, fingerplays, games, and others resources which are centered around the theme topic for the week. Some field trips are planned throughout the year to enrich the learning process. Our core guide is the WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for Three-Year-Olds. We also integrate Bible thoughts, Bible stories and songs, and conversations about Jesus and God into our daily activities.


In our pre-K program we plan a curriculum designed to guide the children in discovering that learning can be fun. Activities are offered to increase the children’s abilities in solving problems, improving language skills, and developing math and science concepts which are important steps in future learning. Learning centers (as art, blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, nature, sand and water play, writing, and listening) are set up with activities to enhance learning while playing. Our teachers plan using a weekly or two-week theme topic, and centers and group time offer resources to help the children learn more about their world and how to live in it.

Included in our curriculum are several field trips during the year to enhance learning. We use the WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for Pre-K and Mathematics Their Way as the two primary resources for planning. The math book is a hands-on, manipulative approach to teaching basic math concepts to young children. Our teachers use daily Bible thoughts, Bible stories and songs, and conversations to develop spiritual understanding with the children. Once a week our children participate in a chapel time led by our staff.

School Age

During the school year, we provide pick-up and transportation to our center from Andy Woods, Rice, Cumberland, Tyler Classical and Whitehouse (Brown and Cain) Elementary Schools for kindergarten through fifth grade children. When they arrive, the children have snack, planned activities with a daily Bible story, and finish the day on the playground.

A summer full-time, school-age program is offered to children who have completed kindergarten through fourth grade. Our curriculum is designed to keep the children happy and active. Several weekly field trips are planned including swimming, bowling, skating, and other special events.